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Study Skills: 12 Tips on Test Taking

To be able to get good results on your exam, you need to study, but no matter how hard you study if you don't know how to go about taking a test, whether multiple choice or essay, you won't score the highest possible mark. 
Here are some tips on how to ace that test.
1. Arrive early or at least on time. Get a friend to exchange wake up calls just in case.
2. Expect and accept that you are going to experience a bit of stress.
3. Take time to read the questions thoroughly and follow instructions. Be clear on what is being asked. Highlight key words in the instructions. Listen to any last minute instructions.
4. Be aware of time restrictions and budget your time. Start with the easiest questions first.
5. Spend more time on the questions that have the highest marks value. For example: If an essay question is worth half the test value, plan to spend at least half the allotted test time on that portion.
6. Don't spend too much time on questions you don't know the answers. Leave them and return to them later. If you still can't answer, have a guess ( remember, there are no penalties for guessing.)
7. Pace yourself. Work quickly, but not hastily.
8. Don't panic, if you have a memory lapse. It is normal.
9. Don't worry if others finish before you do.
10. Make sure you answer every question on the test and do not change your answer without a good reason.
11. Use all your allocated time. If you finish early, read over your work. Double check you have answered all questions. Check spelling and grammar. It's easy to make silly mistakes.
12. Make sure you label and correctly identify all your work before turning in your test. Don't forget to write you name.


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