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How to study effectively - Understand What You Are Learning

Study Tips  for any student who would like to stick to a good study regime. You don't have to be the Top Brain to do that-anybody can do it by following these simple rules and tips. 

Understand What You Are Learning
Understanding in the classroom involves listening to instructions, being attentive, involving yourself in discussions and asking questions.
Take an active role in your learning. This will improve your understanding of the subject and will help you recall too.
  • Summarise things in your own words. When you are summarising, it should be short and to the point, capture key elements. Use diagrams, drawings, and flowcharts.
  • When you don't understand something, don't be shy or afraid to ask your teacher for help.
Revise ! Revise ! Revise!

It is normal for your brain to forget things, but this doesn't mean your not smart.
You should revise work very soon after you have learned it, once or every two or three study sessions, simply review older materials that you still need to remember.
Doing this regularly will save you having to re-study a topic in detail. Make sure your homework/study timetable includes plenty of revision time. The summaries and class notes you have made can be a great help in revision.


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