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Making Ends Meet

This phrase is often associated with an inability to stay afloat financially. Who would have thought that a phrase that now applies to the continual economic struggles of common folks would evolved from the ordeal connected with obtaining the funds necessary to dress as well-heeled lady properly?
To be dressed properly during the 18th and 19th centuries often required assistance in pulling together the two ends of the lady's corset and then bucking it when both ends met. Her dress would not hand properly unless a helper, had hooked together numerous latchets and hooks and eyes, all of which required tedious and cautious pulling to "make the ends meet."
Even a lady's shoes and galoshes of yesteryears were equipped with leather thongs, the ends of which had to be brought together before they could be buckled. from all this strenuous effort of pulling corsets, dresses and shoes together came the phrase "making ends meet."
At first the expression referred simply to the physical ordeal accompanying a lady getting dressed up. As the cost of her ensemble increased and the difficulty in putting it together diminished, "making end meet" came to refer to the financial ordeal connected with gathering the funds necessary to dress a lady properly.


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