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Haiku Writers

Haiku originates in Japan and is a very old form of poetry.  The aim of a haiku is to capture a single idea, moment or feeling. Here are some examples of haiku and famous haiku writers.  

  • Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) - One of the greatest of haiku writers. In his later years he was a student of Zen Buddhism and his later poems which are his best express the rapturous awareness in the mystical philosophy of the identity of life in all its forms. With this awareness, Basho immersed himself in even the tiniest things and with religious fervor and sure craftsmanship converted them into poetry. He was loved by his followers and other poets. His Zen philosophy has been perpetuated in later haiku.
Examples of Basho's Haiku 

  • Yosa Buson (1715-1783) - He was a little more sophisticated and detached than his predecessor and an equally exquisite writer.
Examples of Buson's Haiku 

  • Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827) - He was less poetic but more lovable than Basho and Buson. His tender, witty haiku about his dead children, his bitter poverty, his little insect friends, endear him to every reader.
Examples of Issa's Haiku 


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