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Where would you find a sherpa?

You would find a Sherpa people in Nepal high up in the Himalayas. They are renowned for their mountain climbing abilities. Many Sherpas earn their living by guiding tourist, trekkers and mountaineers up the steep and rocky paths.
Sherpas were of immeasurable value to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides and porters at the extreme altitudes of the peaks in the region.The Sherpas originally migrated to Tibet from Mongolia and then left Tibet to settle in the Solo Khumbu district of Nepal
Tenzing Norgay (1914-1986) a Sherpa guide was one of the first two people to reach the top of the Mount Everest and return. On May 29, 1953, Tenzing and Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand reach the summit. Their expedition has spent more than two months moving supplies and equipment up the mountain. Tenzing became internationally famous and is a hero to the Sherpa and Nepalese people.


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