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What is Lithophone?

Lithophone is a type of xylophone .

Lithophone is a musical instrument, it is a stone percussion instrument. Lithophone, is a type of Xylophone. Xylophone are percussion instruments that you strike or hit like a drum.
Xylo means wooden; litho means stone and phone means
sound. So a lithophone is a stone percussion instrument
If you have played xylophones made from wood, metal or stone you may have noticed that they sound different. This is called ("timbre").
An instrument's "timbre" is affected by its shape, how it is played and the material from which it is made. When you hit a xylophone, it vibrates and produces sound. Different materials vibrate in different ways, so each xylophone's timbre may sound warm, tinny, clunky or clear.
Lithophones have been around for ages, the oldest stone lithophones are Chinese bianquing, which are believe to be more than 4000 years old.


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