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Rubik Cube

Erno Rubik (1944- ), a Hungarian sculptor, designer and architectural engineer, was until recently little known outside his own community.  His invention of a toy-puzzle in the form of a pocket-sized cube, the Rubik cube has however made his name world famous and the Museum of Modern Art, in New York has honored his invention with a place in its permanent design collection.

Originally name the Buvos Kocka Magic Cube, each side of the cube is made up of nine mini cubes that can be rotated in a number of directions to give numerous combinations of six colors.

Professor Rubik originally designed his cube to give his students at Budapest's School for Commercial Artists a better understanding of three-dimensional problems but solving the puzzles it presents now occupies the minds of millions of Rubik cube addicts, from young children to academics.  

Today there have been books published on the solution to Rubik's cube and countless of reproduction of the cube itself. 


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