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Pictures of Frangipanis

White frangipanis with a yellow center, is the most common variety.
Frangipanis are among the easiest plants to grow  from cuttings.  One of the most popular summer- flowering plants, the frangipanis (Plumeria sp.) is a common sight in many tropical and subtropical  gardens .  

Frangipanis in a pot
Most frangipanis are deciduous and cuttings are struck during winter while the branches are bare.  You can take a piece any length you like, even a metre or more long as this will give you a good sized plant. 

Pink Frangipanis
Did you know that the frangipani has long been honoured by Buddhists as a symbol of immortality.  It has been referred to as the tree of life due to the fact that a piece of frangipani can bloom after it has been cut off from the main plant.

Frangipani Tree
Frangipani is also known as the lei flower, grows well in warm tropical areas.  

The genus, originally spelled Plumiera, is named in honor of the the 17th French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to the New World documenting many plant and animal species.
Beautiful fragrant pink frangipanis,  

The common name "Frangipani" comes from an Italian noble family , a sixteenth-century marquess of which invented a plumeria-scented perfume.


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