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Jobs for teenagers

There are many advantages to getting a job as a teenager. The most obvious one is that the cash you will have will fund your social life and the extra luxuries that you could not previously afford.
Having a job also allows teenagers to meet new people of their age and make a new set of friends outside school. Any job you have will be a great adds to your resume because it will show your commitment, reliability for your future employers. Finally it will also stop your parents from nagging you about getting off the couch or the computer and you don't have to always ask mum and dad for handouts.
The biggest problem that most most teenagers face is finding the right job and trying to decide what you really want to do. For those teenagers who never had a real job and who are still in their early teens their target is to actually get cash on hands, but how do you get those jobs that pay cash. There are many simple jobs out there that provide cash in hand in exchange for your completing a set task.
Chores around the house - Some parents are wiling to pay their kids if they do some of the house chores. Some of these jobs can include, ironing, washing and vacuuming the car, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or even cooking.
Baby Sitting is one of the oldest jobs around, it involves responsibility of taking care of another person's children in exchange for a fee. It is not a hard work, when you baby sit for a night you often get to squeeze some quality TV watching, and you are always paid in cash and it is always convenient, it means you can say no if you have other commitment, like a party on the weekend or a 1000 word assignment. This job have a lot of responsibility because you are totally responsible for the child/children you are looking after. It is not a high paying job, usually it is often low especially if you are looking after the children of your favorite aunt or uncle.
Tutoring -This may be for older teenagers, this will give you a chance to take advantage of your special skills, you can provide your services at a cost to the customer, especially if you have a special talent like playing an instrument like keyboard, guitar or flute. It could also be a sport or a school subject and offer your services to primary kids who may need your service.
Jobs around the neighborhood - There are lot of jobs that you can consider like paper deliver, washing dogs, raking leaves, most of these jobs can be found in the local newspaper or you can do a letterbox drops in your area or place an ad in you local church newsletter.
As a teenager you really can not be picky in your job, but for many enjoying what you do and having fun on the job and the experience is more important than the amount of money you are paid.


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