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What is Advent?

Advent is four weeks before Christmas.  it starts on St. Andrew's day or the Sunday nearest to it-known as Advent Sunday- and it ends on Christmas Eve.

The name Advent, from the Latin adventus, means the 'coming' or advent of Jesus Christ.  This is most obviously the occasion of His birth, which is remembered and celebrated on Christmas Day.  

Advent was once a solemn time, a period of penitence.  it has now totally change in character.  Young children in particular look forward to the 'coming' of Christmas.  They are given colorful Advent calendars which they use to eagerly count the days until Christmas Day.  Advent has become a happy and exciting adventure.

Fixing wreath to the outside of the front door is a well-known custom during Advent and is an expression of joyful anticipation.


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