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Christmas wreath

The wreath traditionally displayed on the front door of a home during the weeks of Advent and the Christmas season once fulfilled a multiple role.

It was intertwined with red ribbon to express the festive spirit, while the evergreen leaves were symbolic of the everlasting life which Jesus Christ’s birth promised to the faithful.  The circular shaped was a reminder of the crown of thorns placed on His head by the Roman soldiers when they ridiculed Him as the ‘King of the Jews’.

The wreath also had a practical purpose, in a world full of fear and superstition, evergreen boughs were believed to protect a home from evil spirits, which were thought to be plentiful during this dark time of the year.  During the Middle Ages the red berries of holly were believed to keep witches out of the home; this is why holly became the traditional and lucky evergreen for wreath-making. 


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