Thursday, August 4

A collection of English Proverbs with explanation.  Listed in alphabetical order by phrase.
This page contains English proverb that starts with W.   

1.  Walls have ears.
Explanation: Care should be taken for possible eavesdroppers.

2. When the cat's away, the mice will play.
Explanation: Many will take advantage of a situation in which rules are not enforced or authority is lacking. 
3.  Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.
Explanation: Both trees are traditionally slow growing, so that the benefit will be felt by future generations.

4. We must learn how to walk before we can run.
Explanation A solid foundation is necessary for faster progress.
5.  Where bees are, there is honey.
Explanation: Industrious work is necessary to create riches.
6.  Where there’s a will there is a way.
Explanation: Anything can be done if one has sufficient determination
7. Why keep a dog and bark yourself?
Explanation: Often used to advise against carrying out work which can be done for you by somebody else.
8.  What's breed in the bone will come out in the flesh.
Explanation: Inherent characteristics will in the end become apparent. 

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking - Quick Tips

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
  2. Slow down: Don’t talk too fast.
  3. Look up! – It it’s too scary to look at the audience in the front row, look at the people in the back of the room.
  4. Smile : Look confident, even if you don’t feel confident.
  5. Pretend: Find a friendly face in the audience and pretend you’re only talking to that person.
  6. Practice: Join a debating team, dare yourself. To speak up in class, give a speech in front of a mirror. The more opportunities you have speak in public the easier it gets.
  7. Biggest asset: Self-confidence. Actas though you have a right to be there-because you do.

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