Friday, August 12

A collection of English Proverbs with explanation.  Listed in alphabetical order by phrase.
This page contains English Proverbs that start with letter N.   

1.  No pain, no gain
Explanation: Nothing worth having can be achieved without effort.

2. No time like the present.
Explanation: Often used to urge swift and immediate action. 
3.  New lords, new laws
Explanation: New authorities are likely to change existing rules. 

4. No smoke without fire.
Explanation: Rumor is generally founded on fact
5.  Nothing venture, nothing gain.
Explanation: One must be prepared to take some risks to gain a desired end. 
6.  Nothing so bad but it might have been worse.
Explanation: Used in resignation or consolation
7.  Necessity is the mother of invention.
Explanation:  Need is often the motive to the creative process. 
8. Necessity knows no law.
Explanation: Someone  in extreme need will disregard rules of prohibitions.

9. New brooms sweep clean.
Explanation: Often used in the context of someone newly appointed to a post who is making changes in personnel and procedures. 

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