Monday, August 15

A range of English proverbs with explanation.  Listed in alphabetical order by phrase.
This page contains English Proverb that starts with letter L. 

1.  Let sleeping dog lie.
Explanation: Something which may be dangerous or difficult to handle is better left undisturbed.
2. Like father like son
Explanation: Often used to call attention to similarities in behaviour
3.  Look before you leap.
Explanation: Used to advise caution before committing oneself to a course of 
4.  Love your neighbor, but don't pull down your hedge.
Explanation:  Do not let feelings of friendship lead you to act unwisely. 
5.  Less is more.
Explanation: Something simple often has more effect. 

6. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
Explanation: Often used as an encouragement that a particular misfortune will not be repeated. 

7.  Little pitchers have large ears.
Explanation: Children overhear what is not meant for them (a pitcher's ears are its handles).

8.  Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.
Explanation: Suggesting that good fortune in gambling is balanced by lack of success in love. 


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