Friday, November 21

"ORY"  is a suffix, meaning: 
having the nature of 

List of nouns ending in "ORY"

1. allegory

5. dormitory

9.  laboratory

13. reformatory

2. category

6. glory

10.  memory

14. signatory

3. depository

7. history

11. observatory

15. territory

4. directory

8. inventory

12.  oratory

16.  theory

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking - Quick Tips

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
  2. Slow down: Don’t talk too fast.
  3. Look up! – It it’s too scary to look at the audience in the front row, look at the people in the back of the room.
  4. Smile : Look confident, even if you don’t feel confident.
  5. Pretend: Find a friendly face in the audience and pretend you’re only talking to that person.
  6. Practice: Join a debating team, dare yourself. To speak up in class, give a speech in front of a mirror. The more opportunities you have speak in public the easier it gets.
  7. Biggest asset: Self-confidence. Actas though you have a right to be there-because you do.

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